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New Members For FVFAC!!! 


We are looking for new members to help serve the community. You may ask "What can I do to help your volunteer fire company" Well, what can't you do?!? Our members do the things you expect, for example; respond to medical emergencies, fight fires, rescue citizens trapped in various types of incidents, 24 hours a day 7 days a week, but we also do much more!

We provide:

A meeting place in our building for community groups and family events. These events need fire company members to be present as a liaison to handle housekeeping and other needs.

We deliver:

Fire safety, injury prevention and other community risk reduction programs to groups throughout the area. These events need fire company members to handle scheduling, supplies, etc. in addition to delivery of the outreach program.

We utilize:

The internet and mass mailing to reach our customers. We need fire company members to post articles, correlate information and coordinate delivery of mailings.

We hold:

Fundraising events, Bingo, Bull Roasts, Raffles, etc. We need fire company members to set up, clean up, work the kitchen, call bingo, cook and more.

We maintain our facilities:

To provide all of these services. We need fire company members to sweep, mop, change light bulbs, cut grass, clean equipment; etc, etc;

Each of these tasks your volunteers perform supports your community and your fire company. However, there are only a limited number of hours in the day. With calls for emergency service increasing, training requirements needing to be met and administrative meetings needing to be attended, our emergency responders are finding less time available to handle these supporting roles. Joining the volunteer fire service as a firefighter or EMT is an excellent way to serve in your community and learn a new career.

We have many other jobs that need to be done which do not involve hundreds of hours of training, being away from your family and loved ones on weekends and holidays and are not physically demanding. To begin the membership application process, go to our website Click on "Become a Member" in the column to the left. A copy of the membership application may be downloaded from there. If you prefer, email the Membership Committee at and leave your contact information. A membership committee representative will be in touch with you shortly to discuss the benefits of joining the Fallston Volunteer Fire & Ambulance Company.


Application for Membership