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Monthly Calls
Fire Top Ten
Deputy Chief Jason Tarbell 174
Chief Will Rosenberg131
Sgt John Hefner 103
Jayden Edwards84
Dave Williams71
Asst. Chief Jon Martin69
Kevin Jones63
Matt Barlow61
Lt Andrew Selig60
Capt Mike Seifert52
EMS Top Ten Responder
Dave Williams135
EMS Asst. Chief Mike Kalck98
Brian Leschke,75
Andrew Ward72
Mike Hayden50
Jayden Edwards48
EMS Sgt. Jenna Streib32
Joe Fellner26
Dan McKinney23
Will Brush21


Tuesday, April 28, 2015               Monday evening seemed to be the start of another normal week at the Fallston Volunteer Fire and Ambulance Company (FVFAC). Members were staffing the station, our officers were attending the scheduled monthly officer's meeting, and other members were attending to family events in the community. As the evening news was concluding, it soon became evident that the upcoming hours would be likely to present extreme challenges for area emergency service agencies.

             By 10 P.M. what had started as a localized disturbance in the Mondawmin area of Baltimore City resulted in episodes of civil disobedience throughout the City. As a result, Baltimore City asked for statewide assistance from area law enforcement and fire/EMS agencies. At approximately 3:30 A.M. Tuesday morning FVFAC and Bel Air VFC were dispatched to re-locate units to the Old Town Station of the Baltimore City Fire Department (BCFD). Engine 1311 and Tower 331 joined other mutual aid units from throughout the state at the Old Town Station and were given their deployment assignments. For approximately 24 hours Engine 1311 was stationed in the quarters of BCFD Engine 42, Medic 6, and Battalion Chief 4 located at 4522 Harford Road in the Lauraville section of the City. The Fallston "day shift" crew was relieved at the City station at 7 P.M. by a "night shift" crew from FVFAC before Engine 1311 returned to Harford County at 4 A.M. Wednesday morning.

              While Engine 1311 was covering areas of Northeast Baltimore, other FVFAC units responded to another multi-acre woods fire in Fallston on Tuesday. This late afternoon fire was located in the Gunpowder State Park along Guyton Road near Bottom Road. Units from FVFAC, Bel Air, Joppa-Magnolia, Jarrettsville, Abingdon, Level, Norrisville Volunteer Fire Companies in Harford County; the Kingsville, Long Green, and Jacksonville Volunteer Fire Companies in Baltimore County; and the Aberdeen Proving Ground Fire Department responded to this fire or covered Fallston VFAC stations. The Maryland Department of Natural Resources also responded to oversee the final extinguishment of the fire. This fire presented several challenges for fire crews including limited access and hilly terrain necessitating the requests for specialized equipment and additional personnel. Also, this area is not served by public water ( fire hydrants). Special Unit 1381 drafted from the adjacent river to supply engines and other units during fire extinguishment operations. The last units cleared this fire scene at approximately 8 P.M. The fire did not involve any structures and no injuries were reported.

               Again, the importance of our mutual aid and automatic aid policies played an important role in the prompt and efficient delivery of emergency services in the region on this day. Not only FVFAC and Bel Air VFC, but also the Kingsville VFC had re-located an engine to Baltimore City during Tuesday afternoon. Interoperability with and interdependence on our mutual aid partners is now part of the daily routine in the fire service. Without it, we could not provide the services that our citizens require.

               The Officers and Members of the FVFAC offer our prayers and support to all Fire/EMS and Law Enforcement personnel operating in the City of Baltimore during these challenging times. By far, the majority of citizens within the City are also extremely supportive of these public servants. During our time in the City on Tuesday many citizens offered words of encouragement and support to us and the crew of Engine 42. FVFAC would like to give a huge THANKS! to B.C. 4- K. Haag, Capt. Jenkins and the entire shift at Engine 42 for their hospitality and camaraderie; and also to the other units of the 4th Battalion that made sure we had the tools we needed.  

Engine 1311 @ Station of BCFD Engine 42

Engine 1311 @ Station of BCFD Engine 42



Friday, April 24, 2015                   The Fallston Volunteer Fire and Ambulance Company (FVFAC) has once again improved its' Public Protection Classification (PPC) grade through a review of our structural fire suppression capabilities by the Insurance Services Office Inc. (ISO).

                 The PPC grade is based on an evaluation by ISO of: Needed Fire Flows (theoretical amount of water necessary for fire suppression), Emergency Communications (9-1-1, dispatching, and telecommunications), Fire Department (equipment, staffing, training, community risk reduction, etc.), and Water Supply (hydrants and alternative water supplies).

                   To help establish appropriate fire insurance (casualty and homeowners) premiums for residential and commercial properties, insurance companies need reliable and up to date information about a community's fire protection services. The PPC rating from ISO provides that information by collecting data about the quality of public fire protection in more than 47,500 fire protection areas across the United States. In each of those protection areas, ISO analyzes the relevant data and assigns a Public Protection Classification — a grading from 1 to 10. Class 1 generally represents superior property fire protection, and Class 10 indicates that the area’s fire suppression program does not meet ISO’s minimum criteria. Most U.S. insurers of home and business properties use ISO’s PPC when calculating premiums. In general, the price of insurance in a community with a good PPC is lower than in a community with a poor PPC, assuming all other criteria are equal. Statistical data on insurance losses bears out the relationship between excellent fire protection-as measured by the PPC program- and low fire losses. 

                     The PPC community rating classification for the Fallston VFAC is now a Class 3/3Y .  This is an improvement over our previous Class 4/9 which was assigned by ISO in 2010 (see The improved Class 3 rating is applicable for all properties within five (5) road miles of a FVFAC fire station and within 1,000 feet of an ISO creditable water supply (fire hydrant, dry hydrant, etc.). The Class 3Y rating is for those properties within five (5) miles of a FVFAC fire station but beyond 1,000 feet of a creditable water supply. 

                     "The efforts of all those personnel involved with the data collection, record keeping, and delivery of services of the Fallston Volunteer Fire and Ambulance Company are to be commended for helping achieve our Class 3 rating. To improve a Fire Department's rating from a Class 7 to a Class 3 in less than six years illustrates the level of professionalism, dedication and planning that the current and recent leadership of the FVFAC have instilled in our Officers and Members" stated FVFAC Chief Will Rosenberg. Throughout the U.S. less than 6% of all the more than 48,000 Fire Departments rated by ISO are Class 3 Fire Departments. Only 4% (11)  of the 268 Maryland Fire Departments are rated as Class 3 (from ISO website- The improved rating was earned with a Total Credit of 79.18 out of a possible 105.5 points placing FVFAC just 0.82 points out of a Class 2 rating.

                      The improved PPC rating achieved by FVFAC should be reflected through the reduction of insurance premiums for those property owners in the Class 3 areas of our district. Please contact your insurance agent to determine if your insurer utilizes the ISO PPC for underwriting purposes. For additional information related to the FVFAC PPC Rating contact FVFAC Chief Will Rosenberg or PIO Dave Williams at learn more about ISO and the PPC program visit  




FVFAC will be at the Youth's Benefit Elementary School Spring Bazaar Friday April 24 from 4 P.M. to 8 P.M. See you there!!! 




           On Saturday March 28, 2015 the Officers and Members of the Fallston Volunteer Fire and Ambulance Co., Inc. (FVFAC) held their annual Awards Banquet and Installation of Officers for 2015. In addition to the swearing in of fire company officers for 2015, members of the FVFAC were recognized for their service to the citizens of Fallston and Harford County during 2014. County Executive Barry Glassman served as Master of Ceremonies for the evening.           

           Operational awards for 2014 included EMS Officer of the Year which was presented to EMS Captain Robert Griffith and Fire Officer of the Year which was presented to Captain Jason Tarbell. These awards are voted on by the respective operational crew members each year. These officers have steadfastly performed their duties at a high level and continue to serve both the fire company and the Fallston community.    

         The award for EMS Person of the Year for 2014 went to EMS Lieutenant Christos Poneres. The FVFAC Firefighter of the Year award for 2014 was presented to Firefighter and FVFAC Chaplain Michael Hayden Sr. These two honorees have displayed a strong desire to serve the needs of the Fallston community by expanding their roles through increased training, fulfilling emergency response roles, and also by handling many of the “behind the scene” duties that are required to support the activities of the FVFAC.      

        Each year the FVFAC bestows a Rookie of the Year award on new members of the fire and EMS service who have made an immediate impact on the delivery of services to the community and the efficient operation of the fire company. The EMS Rookie of the Year for 2014 was awarded to EMT Josh Burkins. The Fire Rookie of the Year award was presented to F.F. John Hefner. These members have obtained training, attended many drills and other activities, and have become integral members of the fire company in a short period of time.       

        The following members top the lists of Fire and EMS responses for the FVFAC in 2014.  


1. William Rosenberg             227 calls 

2. Brian Leschke                     148 calls

3. Kevin Jones                         129 calls

4. Jason Tarbell                       118 calls

5. Robert Stanton                     87 calls

6. Michael W. Seifert                86 calls

7. Matt Barlow                            86 calls

8. Josh Burkins                          86 calls

9. Randy Reinecke                    80 calls

10. Dave Williams                     78 calls 




1. Brian Leschke                     340 calls

2. Dave Williams                     223 calls

3. Josh Burkins                        147 calls

4. Julie Adams                         116 calls

5. John Richter                        112 calls

6. Christos Poneres                 100 calls

7. Kenneth Sanner                     80 calls

8. John Hefner                            63 calls

9. Jon Martin                               45 calls

10. Tim Holt                                 44 calls

(photos courtesy of Christine Sullivan)  

Administrative Officers for 2015

Administrative Officers for 2015

2015 Chief Officers

2015 Chief Officers



Monday, April 13, 2015                Members of the Fallston Volunteer Fire and Ambulance Co. along with representatives of the Jarrettsville VFC, Long Green VFC, Harford County Hazardous Materials Response Team, Harford County Sheriffs Office, and Harford County DES toured the Colonel Pipeline Bel Air Compressor Pump Station on Charles Street in Fallston.  The pipeline stretches from Texas to New York and transports approximately 1million gallons of petroleum products daily. Through cooperative efforts such as this industry, responders, and emergency planners continue to work to keep our communities safe. The Officers and Members of FVFAC wish to thank Colonial Pipeline and their employees for their hospitality and commend their attitude toward cooperative safety for our members and area citizens.

Classroom Session

Classroom Session

FVFAC and other personnel learning from Colonial staff

FVFAC and other personnel learning from
      Colonial staff



courtesy Scott Blankenship, FVFAC

courtesy Scott Blankenship, FVFAC

Sunday, April 12, 2015                Fallston Volunteer Fire and Ambulance Co. and other surrounding fire companies have been busy throughout the day battling woods and brush fires in the area. After handling a motorcycle crash on Baldwin Mill Road involving personal injuries which sent patients to a local hospital and a trauma center shortly before 2 P.M., Fallston VFAC units were dispatched to the area of Bel Air Rd. and Reckord Rd. for a report of a field fire. Units arrived to find a multi-acre woods and brush fire over a mile from the paved road. Access to the fire was a challenge, as only ATV's and SUV's could be used to shuttle personnel and equipment to the fire scene. Assistance from Kingsville, Bel Air, Joppa-Magnolia, Whiteford Volunteer Fire Companies, Aberdeen Proving Ground Fire Department, and the Perry Hall Station of the Baltimore County Fire Department was dispatched due to requests for specialized equipment and manpower. No injuries were reported and the fire was declared extinguished after approximately 2 1/2 hours. 

                  At approximately 7:30 P.M. Bel Air and FVFAC units were again dispatched for a field fire in the 1100 block of Red Pump Rd. Units arrived with a fire in the wooded area that was contained in approximately 30 mins. 

                  With the current weather conditions we are experiencing your local volunteer fire companies urge all homeowners and recreational users of our wooded areas to be constantly vigilant concerning all ignition sources in wildland areas. Please do not discard smoking materials or ashes from cooking fires in any combustible material. Do not conduct any open burning in windy conditions and always have a water source (hose) close by to control any sparks or embers. 




Friday, April 10, 2015                 The National Weather Service is once again forecasting fire weather conditions that require citizens to postpone any outdoor burning this weekend. Breezy conditions, higher temperatures, and dropping humidity levels will create conditions that are favorable for rapid spread of wildfires.  Last weekend conditions saw firefighters throughout the region respond to several multi-acre brush and woods fires. Please postpone any outdoor burning activities until weather conditions improve and use caution disposing of any smoking materials or ashes from fireplaces and grilles.   

Green Rd fire 4/6/2015

Green Rd fire 4/6/2015

(photos courtesy Tom Weigle)

(photos courtesy Tom Weigle)



Annie's Playground "EGGstravaganza" crowd (courtesy of Christine Sullivan)

Annie's Playground "EGGstravaganza"
      crowd (courtesy of Christine Sullivan)

                     This weekend the Officers and Members of the Fallston Volunteer Fire and Ambulance Co. have been very active in the Fallston community! Our members have hosted Girl Scouts for a station tour and fire safety presentation, appeared at the Annie's Playground "EGGstravaganza!", provided other community services, and of course...responded to fire and EMS emergency calls throughout the area. Please see our Facebook page for details ( and more pictures of our Easter weekend activities ! Thanks to all of the FVFAC personnel that assisted in these events ! 




           Visit  Annie's Playground ( ) on Saturday April 4 from 10 A.M. til 1 P.M. for their 10 Year Anniversary Celebration. Easter Egg Hunt, Helicopter Egg Drop, and more activities for children!!!  Harford County Sheriffs Office (including K-9 demo) and your local Fire and EMS agencies will be present also. See Annie's Playground link above for further info.  SEE YOU THERE!!!! 



For Sale....

2004 Ford E-350    63,200 miles

2004 Ford E-350 63,200 miles

By sealed bid....Bids due April 3, 2015.

For additional information contact:

            EMS Assistant Chief John Richter

            Cell phone- 410-688-7295




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