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Chief Will Rosenberg187
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FF John Hefner100
Sgt. Jonny Lewis88
EMS Asst Ch Matt Barlow79
FF Kevin Jones79
Lt Mike Seifert77
Asst Chief Bob Stanton66
FF Mike Hayden57
S O Tim Holt56
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Brian Leschke131
Dave Williams111
John Richter95
Zachary Hopkins49
Matt Barlow40
Josh Burkins35
Tim Holt34
Brendan Scalchunes32
Bob Griffith27
Christos Poneres27


 The Fallston Volunteer Fire and Ambulance Company will be hosting a Fire Prevention and Public Safety Open House at our Carrs Mill Road Station on Saturday October 11. Click on the flyer here for more info and watch this space for details!   




             On Monday August 25, 2014 at approximately 8:20 P.M. the Fallston Volunteer Fire and Ambulance Company (FVFAC) was dispatched to assist the Long Green VFC and other Baltimore County Fire and EMS responders at the scene of a serious motor vehicle crash on Bottom Road south of Fork Road in the Baldwin area. First arriving units from Baltimore County Volunteer fire companies found a single vehicle crash involving a SUV which was overturned and off the roadway. There were two adult patients trapped in the wreckage of the vehicle. FVFAC initially responded with Truck 1331 and subsequently responded two (2) Advanced Life Support Ambulances, Medics 1392 and 1393. When the patients were extricated from the vehicle EMS personnel from FVFAC and Baltimore County units continued patient care as they were transported to a landing site on Long Green Pike where the transfer of patient care to Maryland Sate Police Aviation Command personnel occurred. The patients were flown to the R. Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center at the University of Maryland Medical Center in Baltimore.  

               This call is an excellent example of the level of cooperation among public safety agencies that exists in the region. Responding agencies from Harford County, Baltimore County, and the State of Maryland worked closely together to insure the best possible outcome for the citizens involved in this incident.  

photos courtesy of Kingsville VFC

photos courtesy of Kingsville VFC



FVFAC Ice Challenge video courtesy of Christine M. Sullivan

              FVFAC members and friends from the Fallston community joined together Friday August 15 to hold a Ice Bucket Challenge that was, at a minimum, incredible! Thanks to Paramedic Frank Janczak for organizing and executing this amazing challenge to benefit such a worthwhile cause! 




               Parking permits for Fallston High School students are currently available. Applications are available at the FVFAC Carrs Mill Road Station.  Please click on the "FHS Parking Permits" link to the left for additional information, and see the links below for forms and FAQs.




            The Consumer Product Safety Commission has issued recalls on 120 VAC to USB port power adapter/chargers that are used to charge handheld devices. The recalls affect several manufacturers products. Details can be found by clicking on the links below. Please check any USB type chargers you may have in your home for inclusion in these safety recalls.


Gemini USB-A/C Chargers

Gemini USB-A/C Chargers

Lifeguard Press USB-A/C  Set

Lifeguard Press USB-A/C Set



               On Saturday July 12 members of the Fallston Volunteer Fire and Ambulance Co. (FVFAC) and the Bel Air Volunteer fire Co. (BAVFC) squared off in a Rib Eating Challenge sponsored by and held at the Texas Roadhouse restaurant on Bel Air Road in Fallston. As may have been expected, the 11:30 A.M. start of the event was delayed due to the response of the competing teams to emergency calls, for a vehicle fire and motor vehicle crash on Grafton Shop Road. Once the personnel from Engine 1311 and Engine 315 returned from the calls, the competition began!

                The format for the Challenge was a "Relay" event, wherein each team member must completely clear their plate of a rack of Texas Roadhouse ribs before the next member of their team can start eating. The participants were motivated throughout the event by the support of company members, family, and friends to be the first team to have all six participants finish their ribs. At the end of the event the Bel Air Volunteer fire Company prevailed with a time of 41 minutes to the Fallston VFAC time of 48 minutes.

                The FVFAC congratulates the BAVFC Texas Roadhouse Rib Challenge Team on their win, but we are already looking forward to a rematch!

                 In addition to sponsoring the Rib Challenge, Texas Roadhouse is donating 10% of the proceeds from customers presenting a Rib Challenge Flyer to their server after the event to the two Volunteer Fire Companies.  

                The FVFAC and the BAVFC would like to take this opportunity to say "THANK YOU !" to the management and staff of the Fallston Texas Roadhouse restaurant for inviting us to this event, and for their generous ongoing support of the Volunteer Fire and EMS Service in Harford County! 

(Complete gallery of photos courtesy of Christine M. Sullivan at the link below) 

photos courtesy of Christine M. Sullivan, FVFAC

photos courtesy of Christine M.
      Sullivan, FVFAC

BAVFC and FVFAC Rib Challenge Teams and TEXAS ROADHOUSE Staff

BAVFC and FVFAC Rib Challenge Teams and




At approximately 1230 hours on Sunday June 29, 2014 Fallston VFAC and surrounding companies were dispatched to the 2900 block of Winchester Way in the Powder Mill development for a report of a dwelling fire. Chief Will Rosenberg arrived on the scene within three minutes of the call being dispatched and reported heavy black smoke coming from the chimney of a 2-story wood frame single family dwelling. Information received from the homeowner, and confirmed by crews entering the structure was that the fire was in the basement of the dwelling. As firefighters from Engine 1311 advanced an attack line and extinguished the fire other personnel checked the structure for fire extension and handled control of utilities. The only extension from the equipment fire was to structural components in the ceiling of the basement. Personnel cleared the scene in approximately 45 minutes. There were no injuries to civilians or firefighters reported.


Again at approximately 1830 hours on Thursday July 3, 2014 in the wake of severe thunderstorms in the area, FVFAC and nearby companies responded to a report of a dwelling fire in the 2600 block of Gunpowder Farms Road. Arriving firefighting crews found that the homeowner was at home during the recent thunderstorm when they heard several loud booms, and their lights flickered. Approximately ten minutes later, the homeowner smelled smoke and went to the basement of the two story wood framed dwelling to investigate. There, they found the basement charged with smoke which was coming from above the ceiling.  After removing ceiling tiles and locating the fire the homeowner used a portable fire extinguisher to contain the fire. Upon further inspection it was discovered that the fire had traveled along the wooden structural components of house.  To insure complete extinguishment of the fire, firefighters used saws to remove portions of the floor in the kitchen area above to expose and extinguish all remaining smoldering fire. Investigators from the Office of the State Fire Marshal responded and determined that a lightning strike ignited the fire in the void space between the floor and ceiling. Damage was estimated at $7000.00. There were no injuries reported.

The FVFAC urges all homeowners to take this opportunity to TEST YOUR SMOKE ALARMS!! In both of these recent fires the occupants were at home when the fires began. In one case, a neighbor was the first to see the fire and to assist the homeowner as there was no working smoke alarm on the level of the home where the fire originated. In the other, the fire originated above the ceiling and the smoke alarm activated only after the smoke had traveled out of the void space and into the room where the detector was located. Working smoke alarms give you the best chance of escaping an incipient (early stage) fire, and when coupled with residential fire sprinklers give you an assurance that a small fire can be contained and your path to safety will be protected. 

Gunpowder Farms Rd.   courtesy Capt. Tarbell FVFAC

Gunpowder Farms Rd. courtesy Capt.
      Tarbell FVFAC

Winchester Way       courtesy JMVFC

Winchester Way courtesy JMVFC



           Have you checked your smoke alarms recently? Not just that they are functional, but that they are also located properly based on recent Code changes? Take a look at the adjacent infographic to insure proper placement of your smoke alarms (Click on the infographic or use the link at the bottom of the fullstory). Please remember to share this info with your friends and family!

        If you need additional information, or assistance obtaining or installing the required 10 year smoke alarms contact your local Harford County Volunteer Fire and EMS Company. Links to all local Companies are in our "LINKS" section on the left of the page.




photo courtesy of Kevin Hartlove, FVFAC

photo courtesy of Kevin Hartlove, FVFAC

The Fallston Volunteer Fire and Ambulance Co. (FVFAC), along with surrounding Volunteer Fire and EMS companies responded to multiple vehicle crashes today (June 17, 2014). At approximately 12 noon the Kingsville Volunteer Fire Company (Baltimore County) and FVFAC Fire and EMS units were dispatched to the intersection of Fork Road and Brinton Road in Kingsville for a two vehicle collision. Fallston Ambulance 1391 transported one adult female from this incident to a local hospital for evaulation of non-life threatening injuries. Shortly thereafter, at approximately 2 P.M. FVFAC and Bel Air VFC Fire and EMS units were alerted for another two vehicle collision at Harford Road and Connolly Road in Benson. Again, FVFAC Ambulance 1391 transported one adult to a local hospital for evaluation and treatment of non-life threatening injuries. These are two of five calls that FVFAC EMS handled today.

As we enter the summer season your local First Responders ask that all drivers utilize safe driving practices, always staying alert for changing traffic patterns and vehicles entering or turning into the highway in your path. 



Watervale Road MVC Sends One to Trauma Center

Courtesy FVFAC Capt. Jason Tarbell

Courtesy FVFAC Capt. Jason Tarbell

Sunday, June 15, 2014  On Sunday June 15, Fallston VFAC units were dispatched to a report of a motor vehicle crash with entrapment located in the 1200 block of Watervale Rd at approximately 7 A.M. On arrival emergency personnel found a single vehicle off the road and overturned in the water. The driver was already out of the vehicle at the time Fire and EMS crews arrived on scene. After assessing the condition of the patient Fallston VFAC EMS transported her (an adult female) to a local trauma center by ambulance for further evaluation and treatment of non-life threatening injuries.   The cause of the crash in being investigated by the Harford County Sheriff's Office.



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