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Monthly Calls
Fire Top Ten
Asst Chief Jason Tarbell119
Chief Will Rosenberg105
Asst Chief Scott Blankenship69
Lt. Josh Burkins69
Gary Zamerski58
Jayden Edwards55
Capt. Andrew Selig48
Sgt. John Hefner48
Matt Barlow48
Lt. Dan McKinney46
EMS Top Ten Responder
Dave Williams114
Isabelle Staab75
Brian Leschke74
Collin Zamerski66
Andrew Burkins58
EMS Lt. Jenna Streib52
EMS Asst Chief Michael Kalck51
Andrew Ward45
EMS Sgt. Jon Acker35
Ryan Massarelli28


             The Memorial Day weekend is a time for remembrance of those that gave the supreme sacrifice in honor of our Country.  Families throughout Fallston and across Maryland will venture outside to their backyards to spend quality time together.  However, increased outdoor activities also result in an increase of outdoor fire risks. Therefore the Fallston VFAC and the Office of the State Fire Marshal are providing a few common-sense tips that will help citizens enjoy a safe grilling season.


     Outdoor Cooking Safety Tips for Gas Grills:

·        Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) cylinders should always be transported in the upright position on the floor of the vehicle with all windows open.  Never transport cylinders in the trunk of a car.  Remove the cylinder from the vehicle as soon as possible.

·        Ensure that all connections are tight.  Check all connections with soapy water. The appearance of bubbles indicates leaks, re-tighten leaking connections.

·        Make sure grease is not allowed to drip onto the propane supply hose or gas cylinder.

·        Store the cylinder (including those attached to barbecues), outdoors in a shaded, cool area out of direct sunlight.

·        Read thoroughly and follow manufacturer’s instructions for gas grill use.  Be sure that you remember to save the instructions for later reference!

    Outdoor Cooking Safety Tips for Charcoal Grills:

·        Use only a small amount of charcoal liquid starter fuel. Remember that a little goes a long way! Consider using charcoal that does not require starter fuel for ignition. 

·        Once a fire has been started, never add more starter fuel!  Fire can easily follow the stream of fluid back to the container you are holding causing an explosion and potential serious bodily harm.

·        Use great caution in disposing of ashes.  Ashes may contain live coals that can start a fire if not disposed of properly.  The safest method is to wet the ashes thoroughly with water before emptying the barbecue.  Only transport ashes in a metal container. We have documented many building fires that were caused by improperly disposed ashes.

      Please be reminded that in other than one and two family dwellings, no use or storage of hibachis, grills or other similar devices used for cooking shall be located on any balcony, under any overhanging eaves or other objects or within fifteen feet of any structure. These restrictions apply to multi-family dwellings such as townhomes, apartments, and condominiums. 

      With any outdoor style cooking equipment, never be tempted to use them inside – not even in a garage with the door open or on a porch or a balcony.  “Outdoor grills produce carbon monoxide, an odorless, colorless, and poisonous gas which even in small quantities can cause injury or death.  LPG cylinders that develop a leak indoors can result in an explosion with devastating results,” stated State Fire Marshal Brian S. Geraci.  “Please celebrate the Memorial Day holiday weekend as safely as possible”.


Grills placed to closely to ordinary combustibles and structures can result in catastrophic results.

Grills placed to closely to ordinary
      combustibles and structures can result
      in catastrophic results.

NFPA Grilling safety video


FVFAC EMS Drill, National EMS Week

                  As we approach National EMS Week, Fallston Volunteer Fire and Ambulance Company personnel held the company’s monthly EMS Drill on May 15, 2017 at the Fallston Club pool. FVFAC Paramedics, EMT’s, Firefighters, and students participated in several realistic scenarios involving medical emergencies, trauma cases, and other situations which are likely to occur in and around swimming pool facilities. Participation in these types of training events by our members increases their level of preparedness for emergency responses in a manner that classroom sessions cannot achieve. The Members of the FVFAC would like to thank the staff of The Fallston Club for allowing us to train at this facility and our EMS Officers, particularly EMS Lt. Jenna Streib and EMS Captain Paul Masserelli for the planning and oversight of this training exercise.  

        Photos courtesy of FVFAC EMS Lt. Jenna Streib




Monday, May 1, 2017                    The Members of the Fallston Volunteer Fire and Ambulance Co. have had a very busy weekend! Friday afternoon and evening on April 28, 2017 our members attended the Youth Benefit Elementary School Spring Bazaar. Engine 1312 and Ambulance 1391 were on display at the Bazaar and many of our younger community members along with their parents toured the equipment, talked with our members, and learned about how we respond to the needs of our community residents. 

                   On Saturday April 29, 2017 FVFAC members aboard Engine 1312 participated in the American Red Cross Home Safety Campaign along with the Bel Air VFC, the Joppa-Magnolia VFC and Baltimore Gas & Electric Co. The goal of the campaign is to collectively visit 1600 homes in the Edgewood area of the JMVFC district to test and/or install existing and new smoke alarms. The campaign was very successful as Volunteers from the three Fire and EMS Companies along with the Red Cross and BGE met with residents and completed installation and testing of smoke alarms in the community.

                  Sunday April 30, 2017 began as many Sundays do at FVFAC. Several members headed out early to MFRI classes for Emergency Medical Technician training as well as Engine 1311 attending a Fire Fighter I class at MFRI with many of our newest members. At approximately 1 P.M. the FVFAC was dispatched to assist on the first alarm assignment for a dwelling fire on Catalpha Road in the Fork area of Baltimore County, in the Kingsville VFC district. First arriving units reported heavy smoke visible from the house, and soon advised that the fire was through the roof of the house. This call was quickly upgraded to a second alarm after arrival of the first units from Kingsville VFC, Fallston VFAC, and Baltimore County career units.  Before the call was over FVFAC responded with Engine 1312, Truck 1331, Tanker 1321, and Special Unit 1381 under the command of FVFAC Assistant Chief Scott Blankenship. FVFAC units worked with other Harford County units from Bel Air VFC and Joppa-Magnolia VFC as well as units from many Baltimore County Volunteer and Career stations. This was the third fire at the same residence this weekend. The cause and origin of the fire is under investigation by Baltimore County Fire Investigators. 

                    Once all FVFAC units were returned to our stations our Board of Directors convened the regular monthly Board Meeting. Several members of the Board were on the earlier fires today, but the business of the FVFAC must continue to be handled. These Board members were able to complete their business and return to their homes after 9 P.M.  

                     This is an example of the various types of activities that as members of the Harford County Volunteer Fire and EMS service the FVFAC provides on a regular basis to our community as well as those surrounding Fallston. If you feel that you would like to become part of this dynamic and vibrant team of community centered Volunteers, please stop by our stations, or download a Membership Application from this website and return it to the FVFAC Carrs Mill Rd. station. We continue to need members that care about the Fallston community and are willing to make a difference for our citizens!

Eng 1312 crew at YBES Spring Bazaar

Eng 1312 crew at YBES Spring Bazaar

Lt Dan McKinney and Red Cross staff teaching fire safety in the community

Lt Dan McKinney and Red Cross staff
      teaching fire safety in the community



               On Saturday March 18, 2017 the Officers and Members of the Fallston Volunteer Fire and Ambulance Co., Inc. (FVFAC) held their annual Awards Banquet and Installation of Officers for 2017. In addition to the swearing in of fire company officers for 2017, members of the FVFAC were recognized for their service to the citizens of Fallston and Harford County during 2016. Attendees also took the opportunity to remember two Life Members of the FVFAC both of whom were fixtures in the Harford County Volunteer Fire and EMS Service, Past EMS Captain John E. Wilson and Past President and Fire Chief William Vanarsdale that passed away during 2016.     

           Administrative awards for 2016 were presented by FVFAC President Chris Gibbons. They included the President’s Awards which are given to members have gone above and beyond to carry out the tasks needed to maintain and promote the FVFAC both internally and externally in administrative capacities. The awardees were Dan McKinney, Rachel Brush and Will Brush. These members performed numerous tasks, mostly behind the scenes, to provide services to the membership of the FVFAC.

          Operational awards for 2016 included EMS Officer of the Year which was presented to EMS Assistant Chief Michael Kalck and Fire Officer of the Year which was presented to Assistant Chief Jon Martin. These awards are voted on by the respective operational crew members each year. These officers have steadfastly performed their duties at a high level and continue to serve as Chief Officers of the FVFAC.    

             Two members were awarded EMS Rookie of the Year for 2016, EMT Michael Hayden and EMT Andrew Ward. Both of these members dedicated significant effort and time insuring prompt and efficient EMS responses to the Fallston community throughout the year. The FVFAC Firefighter of the Year award for 2016 was presented to Fire Apparatus Driver Operator Mark Pilachowski. Mark is recognized as a member that the FVFAC can depend upon who is willing to sacrifice many hours each year driving and operating our fire and EMS units.     

            The top fire responders for 2016 include Jason Tarbell, Will Rosenberg, Jon Martin, Jon Hefner, Jayden Edwards, Dave Williams, Matt Barlow, Kevin Jones, and Andrew Selig.

          EMS top responders for 2016 include Dave Williams, Michael Kalck, Jenna Streib, Brian Leschke, Andrew Ward, Michael Hayden, Jayden Edwards, Jonathan Acker, and Dan McKinney, and Joe Fellner.

            The FVFAC would like to extend special THANKS to Uncle's Hawaiian Grindz for catering the event and to our own Christine M. Sullivan Photography for once again using her talent to record our events.               

 (photos courtesy of Christine Sullivan)   

Top 10 EMS- EMT Jenna Streib presented by EMS Chief Michael Kalck

Top 10 EMS- EMT Jenna Streib presented
      by EMS Chief Michael Kalck

Presidents Award presented by President Chris Gibbons to Dan McKinney

Presidents Award presented by President
      Chris Gibbons to Dan McKinney



Monday, February 20, 2017           The mild weather we have experienced this month has brought an early start to the outdoor fire season. These incidents are described by many terms - woods, brush, natural cover, and/or wildland-urban interface fires. They can be as challenging, and at times, more challenging than structural firefighting. These fires often involve areas that are not readily accessible by road apparatus, requiring additional manpower to be brought to the scene as well as ATV type firefighting equipment in order to access the fire. In the Fallston area, the majority of our water sources for firefighting needs are ponds, rivers,.and cisterns. Therefore, we often need to call on additional water resources also for these types of fires. 

           As you go about your outdoor activities during the upcoming Spring season, we ask that all of our area residents pay particular attention to outdoor fire hazards. Not only do these fires, which generally could be prevented create challenges for the fire service, these fires have also threatened residential and other structures as they burn uncontrolled prior to fire service arrival at the scene.

           NFPA has information available for homeowners related to outdoor fire safety which can be found here   By following these guidelines you may help to prevent a wildland fire in your community! 

1600 blk. Fallston Rd.  2/18/2017

1600 blk. Fallston Rd. 2/18/2017

800 blk. Kary Lou Cir.  2/19/2017

800 blk. Kary Lou Cir. 2/19/2017



         Each year in January the Fallston Volunteer Fire and Ambulance Company holds their annual Election of Officers. In order to be eligible to be elected to an operational position members must have met certain training requirements as well as additional requirements based on their level of activity during the past year(s). Operational positions that are not filled through the election process may be filled by appointments carried out by the Board of Directors and/or Senior Level Officers. Administrative Officer positions are filled through the same process.

           For 2017 the Operational Officers of the FVFAC are:

Chief Will Rosenberg

Deputy Chief Jon Martin

Assistant Fire Chiefs Jason Tarbell & Scott Blankenship

Assistant EMS Chief Michael Kalck

Fire Captains Amanda Puleio, Andrew Selig, & Michael Seifert

EMS Captains Paul Masserelli & Stacey Gail

Fire Lieutenants Josh Burkins & Nick Stutelberg

EMS Lieutenants Bob Griffith & Jenna Strieb

Safety Officer Hobart Howell 

           In addition several members were appointed to Sergeant positions to support and assist the above named officers. Sergeant positions are also utilized similar to an internship to bring members along in various capacities while working closely with higher ranking officers and others.

          The 2017 Administrative Officers of the FVFAC are:

President Chris Gibbons

Vice President H. Alex Pafel

Treasurer Kim Weber

Corresponding Secretary Joe Fellner

Recording Secretary Whitney Nigrin

Associate Directors Bob Griffith, Matt Barlow, Mike Hayden

              Congratulations to all of the elected and appointed 2017 Officers!

Note-  A full listing of all officers may be found on our Members page.



The Fallston Volunteer Fire and Ambulance Company Needs YOU!!!

              Have you thought about joining a vibrant and dynamic organization that exists solely for the benefit of your family, friends, and community? The Fallston Volunteer Fire and Ambulance Company is that organization. And we need YOU now! 

               The FVFAC is in need of new members to continue our history of providing emergency services and other benefits to the Greater Fallston Community. Did you know that just about 70% of all firefighter positions in the U.S. are filled by Volunteer Firefighters? Volunteer Fire and EMS departments save taxpayers in Harford County MILLIONS of dollars in taxes each year through the absence of payroll and other personnel costs. Only by recruiting and retaining members from our community can we continue to provide services that improve the safety of our citizens and help to maintain the quality of life that we enjoy in the Fallston area.

                Watch the recruiting video attached to this page. As stated, there are no barriers- age, gender, career- that will keep YOU from joining the FVFAC and making a difference in your community. After you watch the video click on the "Become a Member" link to the left of the page to see more info on the activities we perform in the community and to print a Membership Application. Then, stop by the Carrs Mill Road Station to talk with members and take a tour of the station as you drop off your application. You will be amazed at how your involvement in the FVFAC will allow you to make a difference!  




              The 2016 Santa Visits by the FVFAC were completed in what may have been a record breaking time frame. Santa begins his tour of Fallston on or soon after the 1st of December each year and strives to stop in each and every neighborhood of our district. This year Santa and his crew only faced one night of weather cancellation and our call volume was not too excessive to slow the jolly old fellow from making his rounds. Our members enjoy seeing all of you during these visits, and we also are able to derive benefits such as area familiarization, driver training, etc. for our crews during the tours of the community!

               Captain Michael Seifert once again handled the duties of coordinating FVFAC personnel, Santa, and his helpers in order to bring Santa to your neighborhoods. This alone is a monumental task that Capt. Seifert seems to have perfected for us! Captain Seifert would like to send the following message to you....

" On behalf of myself, the Officers, and all of the Members of the Fallston Volunteer Fire and Ambulance Company we would like to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! During the month of December we appreciate that we are able to spread the joy of the holiday season and bring smiles to the children of the Fallston community by bringing Santa around to every neighborhood in the area. This is a time honored tradition that I have been proud to be in charge of for the past 5 years. With the help of the members of FVFAC and Santa himself, we were able to be out in the community every night as planned so that Santa was able to visit everyone on our route. Along with the continued support through donations we received from the community, we are able to keep this tradition going every year. Again, I hope that everyone has a safe and happy holiday season and look forward to seeing everyone next year.

Merry Christmas !
Captain Michael Seifert 




Thursday, December 1, 2016                  YES!! The annual trek of Santa visiting the neighborhoods of Fallston will begin tomorrow, Thursday, December 1st. Santa will be heading out around 6:30 P.M. and will stay on his route until 9:00 P.M. as long as weather and emergency calls do not interfere with his progress. Listen for the sirens and look for the flashing lights that will signal his arrival in your community.

                 Santa will be very busy, with visits planned for the areas near Bel Air Rd and Mountain Rd, as well as parts of the Glen Elyn community Thursday. Check our website and facebook page daily for updates on his progress as he tries to visit each street in our district.  




courtesy Fallston Soccer

courtesy Fallston Soccer

                    As many of you are aware the Fallston Cup Soccer Tournaments are held over two back-to-back weekends in November each year. The Girls Tournament will be starting Friday evening November 11, 2016 with games under the lights at the Fallston Rec Turf Field and will continue Saturday and Sunday (Nov. 12-13) at eleven venues throughout the region. Over 200 teams have registered for each of these weekends in recent years. This will bring many families to our roadways that may not be familiar with the area, and will greatly increase activity not only at the rec fields and complexes, but also at the commercial areas in the region.  

                    In addition, on Sunday November 13, 2016 at Noon there will be a charity flag football event at Fallston High School to benefit cancer research.  Click on the embedded link for more info on this worthwhile event.  

                     Please come out and support these events this weekend as well as the Boys Fallston Cup next weekend. Events like these are what make the Fallston Community a great place to live! 



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