National Fire Protection Agency advises against Turkey Fyers this holiday season
By Member Jennifer a Chenworth
November 19, 2023

The Thanksgiving turkey is the centerpiece of the table or could be the centerpiece of a fire. The NFPA advises that the use of Turkey fryers that use cooking oil are not safe. These fryers use large amounts of oil at high temperatures, which can cause devastating burns. If you want a fried turkey for your Thanksgiving meal, purchase it from a grocery store or restaurant or buy a fryer that does not use oil.

If you plan on using an oil fryer, please follow a few safety guidelines.

* Don't overfill your fryer with oil
* Make sure your turkey is defrosted, dry, and not too big for your fryer
* Place the fryer on level ground, away from all structures
* Turkey fryers should have at least 10 feet of clearance around them
* Remove all debris from the area, especially dried leaves, pine needles, twigs
* Always have a class K fire extinguisher nearby in any cooking area
* Keep children and pets away from your cooking area